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YDB Technical Support Services

Efficient and hassle-free operation of YDB distributed SQL database

What is YDB technical support?

Technical support services enables the continuous operation of your YDB databases in both basic and demanding configurations, utilizing our experience in running YDB within the strongest SLA.

The supported YDB systems can be hosted on the infrastructure of your choice, including the Public Cloud environments or your own private data centers.

Services included

  • Consulting on administering YDB
  • Consulting on developing the applications with YDB
  • Problem and root-cause analysis for YDB
  • YDB software updates and critical fixes
  • Notifications on software updates

Service levels

Two service levels are available:

  • Basic — provided at working hours (8×5) through ticket requests only. Intended for application development phase, or non-critical systems
  • Advanced — provided around the clock (24×7) through tickets, chat and videoconferencing. Intended for business-critical systems

How to start?

YDB technical support services are provided by Yandex Cloud

In addition, Yandex Cloud provides YDB as a managed database service