UPSERT (which stands for UPDATE or INSERT) updates or inserts multiple rows to a table based on a comparison by the primary key. Missing rows are added. For the existing rows, the values of the specified columns are updated, but the values of the other columns are preserved.

UPSERT and REPLACE are data modification operations that don't require a prefetch and run faster and cheaper than other operations because of that.

Column mapping when using UPSERT INTO ... SELECT is done by names. Use AS to fetch a column with the desired name in SELECT.


UPSERT INTO my_table
SELECT pk_column, data_column1, col24 as data_column3 FROM other_table
UPSERT INTO my_table ( pk_column1, pk_column2, data_column2, data_column5 )
VALUES ( 1, 10, 'Some text', Date('2021-10-07')),
       ( 2, 10, 'Some text', Date('2021-10-08'))