Installing the SDK

Follow the instructions below to quickly install the OpenSource SDK. Make sure to preinstall and configure tools for working with the selected programming language and package managers on your workstation.

The build process using the source code is described in the source code repositories on GitHub. Follow the links given on the YDB SDK - Overview page.

Run the command from the command line:

python3 -m pip install ydb

If the command fails, make sure your environment has Python 3.8 or newer installed with the pip package manager enabled.

Run the command from the command line:

go get -u

To ensure that the installation is successful, make sure that your environment is running Go 1.17 or higher.

dotnet add package Ydb.Sdk

Add dependencies to the Maven project as described in the "Install the SDK" step of the file in the source code repository.

composer require yandex-cloud/ydb-php-sdk
npm install ydb-sdk

Add to Cargo.toml last version of ydb crate.