App in PHP

This page contains a detailed description of the code of a test app that is available as part of the YDB PHP SDK.


The article is being updated.

Initializing a database connection

To interact with YDB, create an instance of the driver, client, and session:

  • The YDB driver lets the app and YDB interact at the transport layer. The driver must exist throughout the YDB access lifecycle and be initialized before creating a client or session.
  • The YDB client runs on top of the YDB driver and enables the handling of entities and transactions.
  • The YDB session contains information about executed transactions and prepared queries, and is part of the YDB client context.

App code snippet for driver initialization:


use YandexCloud\Ydb\Ydb;

$config = [
    // ...

$ydb = new Ydb($config);

App code snippet for creating a session:

// obtaining the Table service
$table = $ydb->table();

// obtaining a session
$session = $table->session();