Getting YDB CLI version

Use the version subcommand to find out the version of the YDB CLI installed and manage new version availability auto checks.

New version availability auto checks are made when you run any YDB CLI command, except ydb version --enable-checks and ydb version --disable-checks, but only once in 24 hours. The result and time of the last check are saved to the YDB CLI configuration file.

General format of the command:

ydb [global options...] version [options...]

View a description of the command:

ydb version --help

Parameters of the subcommand

Parameter Description
--semantic Get only the version number.
--check Check if a new version is available.
--disable-checks Disable new version availability checks.
--enable-checks Enable new version availability checks.


Disable new version availability checks

When running YDB CLI commands, the system automatically checks if a new version is available. If the host where the command is run doesn't have internet access, this causes a delay and the corresponding warning appears during command execution. To disable auto checks for updates, run:

ydb version --disable-checks


Latest version checks disabled

Getting only the version number

To facilitate data handling in scripts, you can limit result to the YDB CLI version number:

ydb version --semantic