Getting profile information

Getting a list of profiles

Getting a list of profiles:

ydb config profile list

If there is a currently activated profile, it will be marked as (active) in the output list, for example:

test (active)

Getting detailed profile information

Getting parameters saved in the specified profile:

ydb config profile get <profile_name>

For example:

$ ydb config profile get local1
  endpoint: grpcs://
  database: /rul1/b1g8skp/etn02099
  sa-key-file: /Users/username/secrets/sa_key_test.json

Getting profiles with content

Full information on all profiles and parameters stored in them:

ydb config profile list --with-content

The output of this command combines the output of the command to get a list of profiles (with the active profile marked) and the parameters of each profile in the lines following its name.