Deleting a profile

Currently, you can only delete profiles interactively with the following command:

ydb config profile delete <profile_name>

where <profile_name> is the profile name.

The YDB CLI will request confirmation to delete the profile:

Profile "<profile_name>" will be permanently removed. Continue? (y/n): 

Choose y (Yes) to delete the profile.


Deleting the mydb1 profile:

$ ydb config profile delete mydb1
Profile "mydb1" will be permanently removed. Continue? (y/n): y
Profile "mydb1" was removed.

Deleting a profile without interactive input

Although this mode is not supported by the YDB CLI, if necessary, you can use input redirection in your OS to automatically respond y to the request to confirm the deletion:

echo y | ydb config profile delete my_profile

The efficiency of this method is not guaranteed in any way.