Obtaining the status of long running operations

Use the ydb operation get subcommand to obtain the status of the specified long running operation.

General format of the command:

ydb [global options...] operation get [options...] <id>
  • global options: Global parameters.
  • options: Parameters of the subcommand.
  • id: The ID of the long running operation. The ID contains characters that can be interpreted by your command shell. If necessary, use shielding, for example, '<id>' for bash.

View a description of the command to obtain the status of a long running operation:

ydb operation get --help

Parameters of the subcommand

Name Description
--format Input format.
Default value: pretty.
Acceptable values:
  • pretty: A human-readable format.
  • proto-json-base64: Protobuf result in [JSON] format(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON), binary strings are encoded in Base64.



The examples use the db1 profile. To learn more, see Creating a connection profile.

Obtain the status of the long running operation with the ydb://buildindex/7?id=281489389055514 ID:

ydb -p db1 operation get \


| id                                    | ready | status  | state | progress | table               | index       |
| ydb://buildindex/7?id=281489389055514 | true  | SUCCESS | Done  | 100.00%  | /my-database/series | idx_release |