YDB CLI commands

General syntax for calling YDB CLI commands:

ydb [global options] <command> [<subcommand> ...] [command options]


  • ydb is the command to run the YDBCLI from the OS command line.
  • [global options] are global options that are common for all YDB CLI commands.
  • <command> is the command.
  • [<subcomand> ...] are subcommands specified if the selected command contains subcommands.
  • [command options] are command options specific to each command and subcommands.


You can learn about the necessary commands by selecting the subject section in the menu on the left or using the alphabetical list below.

Any command can be run from the command line with the --help option to get help on it. You can get a list of all commands supported by the YDB CLI by running the YDB CLI with the --help option, but without any command.

Command / subcommand Brief description
config profile activate Activating a profile
config profile create Creating a profile
config profile delete Deleting a profile
config profile get Getting parameters of a profile
config profile list List of profiles
config profile set Activating a profile
discovery list List of endpoints
discovery whoami Authentication
export s3 Exporting data to S3 storage
import file csv Importing data from a CSV file
import file tsv Importing data from a TSV file
import s3 Importing data from S3 storage
init Initializing the CLI, creating a profile
operation cancel Aborting long-running operations
operation forget Deleting long-running operations from the list
operation get Status of long-running operations
operation list List of long-running operations
scheme describe Description of a data schema object
scheme ls List of data schema objects
scheme mkdir Creating a directory
scheme permissions add Granting permissions
scheme permissions chown Changing the owner of an object
scheme permissions clear Clearing permissions
scheme permissions grant Granting permissions
scheme permissions remove Removing a permission
scheme permissions revoke Revoking a permission
scheme permissions set Setting permissions
scheme rmdir Deleting a directory
scripting yql Executing a YQL script
table attribute add Adding a table attribute
table attribute drop Deleting a table attribute
table drop Deleting a table
table index add global-async Adding an asynchronous index
table index add global-sync Adding a synchronous index
table index drop Deleting an index
table query execute Executing a YQL query
table query explain YQL query execution plan
table read Streaming table reads
table ttl set Setting TTL parameters
table ttl reset Resetting TTL parameters
tools copy Copying tables
tools dump Dumping a directory or table to the file system
tools rename Renaming tables
tools restore Restoring data from the file system
topic create Creating a topic
topic alter Updating topic parameters and consumers
topic drop Deleting a topic
topic consumer add Adding a consumer to a topic
topic consumer drop Deleting a consumer from a topic
topic consumer offset commit Saving a consumer offset
topic read Reading messages from a topic
topic write Writing messages to a topic
update Update the YDB CLI
version Output details about the YDB CLI version
workload Generate the workload
yql Execute a YQL script (with streaming support)