Updating configurations via CMS

Get the current settings

The following command will let you get the current settings for a cluster or tenant.

./kikimr -s <endpoint> admin console configs load --out-dir <config-folder>
./kikimr -s <endpoint> admin console configs load --out-dir <config-folder> --tenant <tenant-name>

Update the settings

First, you need to pull the desired config as indicated above and then prepare a protobuf file with an update request.

Actions {
  AddConfigItem {
    ConfigItem {
      Cookie: "<cookie>"
      UsageScope {
        TenantAndNodeTypeFilter {
          Tenant: "<tenant-name>"
      Config {
          <config-name> {

The UsageScope field is optional and is needed to use settings for a specific tenant.

./kikimr -s <endpoint> admin console configs update <protobuf-file>