Logging levels

Level Numeric value Value
TRACE 8 Very detailed debugging information.
DEBUG 7 Debugging information for developers.
INFO 6 Debugging information for collecting statistics.
NOTICE 5 An event essential for the system or the user has occurred.
WARN 4 This is a warning, it should be responded to and fixed unless it's temporary.
ERROR 3 A non-critical error.
CRIT 2 A critical state.
ALERT 1 System degradation is possible, system components may fail.
EMERG 0 System outage (for example, cluster failure) is possible.

The logging level for different YDB components can be configured individually. For each component, either an explicitly set value or a default logging level value can be applied. The default logging level value can also be changed.

Changing the logging level

To change the logging level:

  1. Follow the link in the format


    The Cluster Management System page opens.

  2. On the Configs tab, click on the LogConfigItems line. The Create new item button will show up along with a list of already created configuration elements.

  3. Click Create new item to create a new configuration item (or click the pencil button to edit a previously created item).

  4. To change the default logging level, select the desired logging level from the Level drop-down list under Default log settings.

  5. To change the logging level for individual components, use the table under Component log settings. In the line with the name of the component whose logging level you want to change, in the Component column, select the desired logging level from the drop-down list in the Log level column.

  6. To save changes, click Submit