YDB 22.5

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What's new:

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed an error inserting 0 rows with a BulkUpsert.
  • Fixed an error importing Date/DateTime columns from CSV.
  • Fixed an error importing CSV data with line breaks.
  • Fixed an error importing CSV data with NULL values.
  • Improved Query Processing performance (by replacing WorkerActor with SessionActor).
  • DataShard compaction now starts immediately after a split or merge.


What's new in version 22.4

To update to version 22.4, select the Downloads section.

  • YDB Topics and Change Data Capture (CDC):

    • Introduced the new Topic API. YDB Topic is an entity for storing unstructured messages and delivering them to various subscribers.
    • Added support for the Topic API to the YDB CLI and SDK. The Topic API provides methods for message streaming writes and reads as well as topic management.
    • Added the ability to capture table updates and send change messages to a topic.
  • SDK:

    • Added the ability to handle topics in the YDB SDK.
    • Added official support for the database/sql driver for working with YDB in Golang.
  • Embedded UI:

    • The CDC change stream and the secondary indexes are now displayed in the database schema hierarchy as separate objects.
    • Improved the visualization of query explain plan graphics.
    • Problem storage groups have more visibility now.
    • Various improvements based on UX research.
  • Query Processing:

    • Added Query Processor 2.0, a new subsystem to execute OLTP queries with significant improvements compared to the previous version.
    • Improved write performance by up to 60%, and by up to 10% for reads.
    • Added the ability to include a NOT NULL restriction for YDB primary keys when creating tables.
    • Added support for renaming a secondary index online without shutting the service down.
    • Improved the query explain view that now also includes fields for the physical operators.
  • Core:

    • For read only transactions, added consistent snapshot support that does not conflict with write transactions.
    • Added BulkUpsert support for tables with asynchronous secondary indexes.
    • Added TTL support for tables with asynchronous secondary indexes.
    • Added compression support for data export to S3.
    • Added an audit log for DDL statements.
    • Added support for authentication with static credentials.
    • Added system tables for query performance troubleshooting.


YDB CLI 2.0.0:

  • Added the ability to work with topics:

    • ydb topic create: Create a topic.
    • ydb topic alter: Update a topic.
    • ydb topic write: Write data to a topic.
    • ydb topic read: Read data from a topic.
    • ydb topic drop: Delete a topic.
  • Added a new type of load testing:

    • ydb workload kv init: Create a table for kv load testing.
    • ydb workload kv run: Apply one of three types of load: run multiple UPSERT sessions, run multiple INSERT sessions, or run multiple sessions of GET requests by primary key.
    • ydb workload kv clean: Delete a test table.
  • Added the ability to disable current active profile (see the ydb config profile deactivate command).

  • Added the ability to delete a profile non-interactively with no commit (see the --force parameter under the ydb config profile remove command).

  • Added CDC support for the ydb scheme describe command.

  • Added the ability to view the current DB status (see the ydb monitoring healthcheck command).

  • Added the ability to view authentication information (token) to be sent with DB queries under the current authentication settings (see the ydb auth get-token command).

  • Added the ability for the ydb import command to read data from stdin.

  • Added the ability to import data in JSON format from a file or stdin (see the ydb import file json command).

  • Improved command processing. Improved the accuracy of user input parsing and validation.


YDB CLI 1.9.1:

  • Added the ability to compress data when exporting it to S3-compatible storage (see the --compression parameter of the ydb export s3 command).
  • Added the ability to manage new YDB CLI version availability auto checks (see the --disable-checks and --enable-checks parameters of the ydb version command).