YDB CLI 2.0.0:

  • Added ydb topic commands for operating with YDB topics:

    • ydb topic create — creates a topic with provided options;
    • ydb topic alter — changes topic configuration with provided options;
    • ydb topic write — writes data to provided topic;
    • ydb topic read — reads data from provided topic;
    • ydb topic drop drops provided topic.
  • Added a new load testing type ydb workload kv:

    • ydb workload kv init — creates a table for kv load testing;
    • ydb workload kv run — starts one of 3 load types: launches several sessions performing insertion using UPSERT, launches several sessions performing insertion using INSERT or launches several sessions that create GET-requests by primary key;
    • ydb workload kv clean — drops the table created with init command.
  • Added ydb config profile deactivate command to deactivate current active profile.

  • Added --force option for ydb config profile remove command to remove profile without interactive confirmation.

  • Added changefeed support for ydb scheme describe command.

  • Added ydb monitoring healthcheck command to check current state of a database.

  • Added ydb auth get-token command to print auth info (token) that would be sent with requests to YDB with current auth settings.

  • ydb import commands can now read data from std input (i.e. via pipe) instead of a file.

  • Added ydb import file json command to import data in JSON format to YDB from file or std input.

  • Improved command processing. User input parsing and validation is now more precise.


YDB CLI 1.9.1:

  • Added the ability to compress data when exporting it to S3-compatible storage (see the --compression parameter of the ydb export s3 command).
  • Added the ability to manage new YDB CLI version availability auto checks (see the --disable-checks and --enable-checks parameters of the ydb version command).
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