Setting up monitoring for a local YDB cluster

This page provides instructions on how to set up monitoring for a local YDB cluster that is run from a binary file.

YDB has multiple system health sensors. Instant sensor values are available in the web interface:


Linked sensors are grouped into a subgroup (such as counters auth). To only view sensor values for a particular subgroup, follow a URL like:

  • <servicename>: Sensor subgroup name.

For example, data about the utilization of server hardware resources is available at the URL:


You can collect metric values using Prometheus, a popular open-source tool. YDB sensor values in Prometheus format are available at a URL in the following format:

  • <servicename>: Sensor subgroup name.

To visualize data, use any system that supports Prometheus, such as Zabbix, Amazon CloudWatch, or Grafana:


Setting up monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

To set up monitoring for a local single-node YDB cluster using Prometheus and Grafana:

  1. Install and run Prometheus via a configuration file.

  2. Install and start the Grafana.

  3. Create a data source of the prometheus type in Grafana and attach it to a running Prometheus instance.

  4. Upload YDB dashboards to Grafana.

    To upload dashboards, use the Grafana UI Import tool or run a script. Please note that the script uses basic authentication in Grafana. For other cases, modify the script.

    Review the dashboard metric reference.